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“Watercolour painting has been my passion for over 35 years.”

Julie was born in Bristol and now lives in North Somerset.  She draws her inspiration from the world around her and in particular the natural world, preferring wherever possible to paint ‘en plein air’

Julie has been painting all her life and discovered her deep passion for watercolour in her late teens. No other medium moves her quite like it. However, she doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed into one genre or another, preferring  to be free to explore and try all sorts of styles and mediums.

The most important tool for Julie is her brush.

“True mastery of brushstroke is magical. The brush becomes an extension of the artist’s arm. The art I admire most shows skill of hand, not to paint in infinite detail, but to simplify and to dance across the page.”

Julie cannot explain exactly what it is about a subject that inspires her. It might be the colour or the light, but she also love texture and pattern. Usually, it will be a magical combination of all or some of these; sometimes it’s quite simply the story.

For Julie,  the inspiration in her subject comes first. Then she explores the challenge of how to portray not only beauty as she sees it, but also some essence of how it makes her feel.

If you’d like to know more about Julie before you visit, she has a website, which you can access here: Julie is on Instagram @juliemainstone and Twitter @JoolsMainstone. If you want to get in touch with her, you can do so here: You might also be interested in these other links to Julie’s work. Julie Mainstone – SAA Community which you can access here: Julie Mainstone Clevedon Art Club which you can access here:


Julie transforms common materials into beautiful sculptures combining art with conservation thereby helping to protect the environment as she creates her art. Through repurposing, she presents beguiling artwork, an alternative solution for reducing waste, valuing nature and moreover a cleaner, sustainable future.

As a child, art and environment interconnected through play, establishing in Julie passion for art and strong reverence for the natural world. Drawing, making and nature has always been there and shared with her own children.

In 2020 she achieved a BA (Hons) in art, embracing traditional materials and techniques in painting, printmaking, and ceramics. Her research around climate breakdown, degradation of the natural world and the reasons for it, compelled her to take a stand. The linear economy (take-make-dispose) exasperates a growing waste problem, the remodelling of banal materials created the concept for ‘The Art of Recycling’.

Julie’s artwork makes a comment on society and mass production, her art medium is unconventional and the artwork, intriguing. Her most recent accomplishments include exhibiting in Bristol’s RWA and having her artwork featured in Unpsychology Magazine which you can check out here:

Over the last five months, Julie has been developing a miniature house making kit to encourage the repurposing of everyday materials like empty cereal boxes, plastic bottles and sweet wrappers etc. The kit applauds the use of surplus paint and wallpaper from DIY projects rather than buying special art materials.

Aside from enjoying the challenge of finding creative expression through mixed media, repurposing materials reduces waste, saves money and the planet. The kit is a workshop in a box, with illustrated instructions and a link to a video tutorial, making it educational and sustainable with replacement parts always available.  The kit is created from repurposed materials and equips the maker with the know-how to make lots more while exploring materials, colours and design.

They are priced at £20 and she has currently sold just one. It is still early days but they are idea as eco-friendly Christmas gifts or projects for people to enjoy making or give as gifts. Julie has made fourteen of them as examples, each  taking six to eight hours to make. On that basis and with the inclusion of a handmade gift box, the cosy is  £85.00. It is definitely more cost effective to buy the kit!

Check out the video to see a little more about the kit.

And If you’d like to know more about Julie before you visit, she has a website, which you can access here: and she’s on Instagram @julie.ackerman.35 If you want to get in touch with her, you can do so here:


The Bees Knees are five women artists, who, at various times over the past eight years, have come together to make art in a shared space. Individually they have their own distinctive art practices, but as a group they are interested in the experience of working alongside each other and how they subtly inspire and cross fertilise, often in unexpected ways.

Over the next three months they will  show a selection of their work which will change and evolve reflecting this process.

The five artists are:

Alison Harper Michelle Dash Susi Bancroft Cath O’Leary Angie Kinear

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