The latest super talent at Studio 3

Printmakers, ceramacists, artists, potters, batik workers, woodturners, jewellers, mosaic crafters, florists, vintage and antique furniture designers, leather crafters, silversmiths, photographers (some using antique cameras) glassworkers…………they’re all there at Clevedon Craft Centre

This particular blog post is all about the most recent guest artists at Studio 3 Gallery. If you’d like to know more about the history of the gallery and the resident artists, then check out my earlier blog post here:

But just a quick reminder of the opening times which it’s worth mentioning are not the same as the Craft Centre. They are open seven days a week Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and Sunday from 11.00am to 4.00 pm


Allow yourself to be drawn into Katherine’s work. Her oddly Medieval-looking pieces are worth spending time with. The more you look, the more you begin to question, and that’s where the fun begins.

Katherine works in a shed in Newbury. She has a background in ceramics and teaching, making and mending, poking about in museums, mothering and general pottering. She also keeps a lively sketchbook and all of this feeds into her work.

Each piece is hand-built out of clay and fired to 1230C. She uses a mixture of applied, incised and hand-modelled detailing and adds colour using brush-on glazes, underglazes, slips and oxides. The surface is reminiscent of ancient frescos, with hints of the everyday and other, often slightly perplexing goings-on. The toned-down colours, rough edges and lack of uniformity add to this ancient quality. A quality which is often delightfully at odds with the subject matter.

“The work I make is small, carefully crafted and delights in imperfections. I spend time with each piece considering how to best show its character. Not cleaning up and hiding its individuality but looking for ways of emphasising that which it is. I throw and tear and stick, working with both plan and chance then look and think and hunt for possibilities. From these possibilities, characters and stories evolve.”

To purchase or commission work directly from Katherine, to organise a pottery party, a demonstration, workshop or talk, or to be added to her distribution list, you can email her

If you’d like to know more about Katherine, check out her website She is also on Instagram:


Sue Pickering is a Bristol-based artist, designer and maker. After choosing the ‘sensible option’ of a career as a cognitive psychologist, she worked as a university lecturer and researcher, until the time came when she could finally pursue her interest in art and design. In 2010 she completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Bristol School of Art and has been working on her own mixed-media art practice since that time. Her work aims to capture the beauty and complexity of our everyday experiences and is predominantly abstract in form.

Sue uses a number of processes in each piece of work, including print, paint and collage. Colour, shape and texture are important features in her all of her designs. Her approach allows each piece to evolve and develop in its own unique way. Sue’s influences include mid-century modern design, textiles and the shapes, colours and textures of the plants that she grows in her gardens and allotment.

If you’d like to know more about Sue, check out her website She is also on Instagram: @suepickering_artist and Facebook: and you can contact her by e-mail


Julie’s research into environmental issues such as climate change and the loss of nature concerns her deeply and has been the underlying driving force for her creativity. Julie transforms common materials into beautiful sculptures combining art with conservation helping to protect the environment as she creates her art. Through repurposing, she presents beguiling artwork, an alternative solution for reducing waste, valuing nature and moreover a cleaner, sustainable future. She particularly enjoys the challenge of using these materials and actively problem-solves to achieve a desirable outcome.

As a child art and environment interconnected through play established in Julie a passion for art and a strong reverence for the natural world. Drawing, making and nature have always been there and are something she has shared with her own children.

In 2020 Julie achieved a BA(Hons) in art embracing traditional materials and techniques in painting, printmaking, and ceramics. Her research around climate breakdown, degradation of the natural world and the reasons for it compelled her to take a stand. The linear economy (take-make-dispose) exasperates a growing waste problem, and the remodelling of banal materials created the concept for ‘The Art of Recycling’.

Julie’s artwork makes a comment on society and mass production, her art medium is unconventional and the artwork, intriguing. Her most recent accomplishments include exhibiting in Bristol’s RWA and having her artwork featured in Unpsychology Magazine.

If you’d like to know more about Julie, check out her website She is also on Instagram: julie. ackerman.35 and you can contact her by e mail,

Julie, Sue and Katherine are the latest artists to join Studio 3 as guests, but don’t forget those guest who are there just a bit longer, notably…….


Paul and Renate met, in 1979, in Bavaria, where Renate had grown up amid the strong tradition of Bavarian crafts, using natural materials to produce decorative objects for the home. Paul was working there as a cabinetmaker, antiques restorer and musician. They decided to combine their skills and sell their work at Christkindl Markets. The products flew off the stand!

Paul, by then, had been in Europe for nearly ten years and decided it was time to return home to Somerset. Renate came with him.

Whilst he was looking for work as a cabinetmaker they discovered the British craft scene and began selling their work at Craft Fairs. At that time, he was a member of the British Toymakers Guild, winning awards three years running.

Paul’s unique groups of interlocking animal families continue to grow in popularity and he is still adding to the range. He has also become well-known for his Heirloom pieces, such as the Ark and the Living Oak, which have attained front-page coverage in various magazines.

Three years ago, he began to make his original and very unusual mirror designs, often using burr wood, when it is obtainable. These have become so popular that he finds it hard to keep up with demand.

Much of Renate’s work is based on tree shapes, using natural roots, seedpods, nuts, spices, etc. from all over the world, and she is never short of ideas for new designs, which can always be guaranteed to be eye-catching and original. She is renowned for her beautiful floral designs. At Christmas, her stunning range of seasonal decorations has to be seen!

Paul and Renate can be contacted by email and if you want to see more of their work, this is their website



Lester is Somerset born and bred and grew up on a farm in nearby Tickenham. Lester attended the local village school, then The City of Bath Technical School where his interests in woodwork, painting and drawing were nurtured.

At university in Nottingham, Lester graduated in civil engineering, in which he made his career and still works part-time. He has been involved in a number of engineering projects in and around Somerset, especially the Levels.

Lester took up watercolour painting and marquetry in his late teens. Then an interest in pen and ink drawing, especially on architectural subjects, led him to develop a letterpress printing business as a side-line to his main career.

Marriage, family and a shortage of funds resulted in improved skills in furniture making and house improvements, which have continued over the years.

Lester resumed his marquetry craft work some years ago and now specialises in small detailed designs depicting local architectural and landscape scenes which have proved very popular, together with abstract designs. Some are finished as framed pictures whilst others are crafted into wooden caskets using native hardwoods.

The level of detail and the intricacy of Lester’s designs are stunning, I particularly love his landscapes.

Lester exhibits in a number of galleries notably The A2 Gallery in Wells and One Craft Gallery in Shepton Mallet Lester can be contacted at

If you’d like to know more about Studio 3, you can check it out here: and these are the contact details: Studio 3, Clevedon Craft Centre, Clevedon, BS21 6TD Telephone:  07557331967 E mail: They are also on Instagram @ studiothree_galler

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