Once again this is an area where there is a lot going on and it is my area of focus in the coming months. I am particularly interested in making contact with Clevedon Art Club who are a community of amateur and professional artists who share an interest in visual Art. As well as promoting the club and their annual open exhibition in August, I would be happy to offer the website as a vehicle for individual artists to promote their work.

I am aware of many young people in Clevedon who are talented artists and have interviews already set up with them; starting today with Emy Lou Holmes who graduated from The University of the West of England in 2014 with a degree in Illustration. Her work is inspired by the popular culture of iconic eras, with a special affection for the 1960s

I’m also very interested in making contact with the very talented photographers who contribute regularly to Clevedon social media platforms. I would be delighted to promote their fabulous work and hope that they may consider contributing to my ‘Image of the Week’.

Developing the ‘Art’ section of this website is a priority so please do get in touch and do take advantage of  the  ‘What’s on?’ page on this website which is a ‘go to’ page, keeping readers informed about everything related to Food, Art, Culture, Entertainment and Shopping in Clevedon. It will be a useful vehicle for advertising exhibitions and shows but I won’t be able to keep it  fresh without your support so please send me those details.