When it comes to eating out in Clevedon, we really are spoilt for choice. We have everything: an impressive, range of takeaways, traditional tea rooms and coffee shops, pubs offering traditional snacks and beautiful meals, elegant wine bars serving tapas and gourmet restaurants. There really is something for everyone!

The focus on locally sourced, seasonal produce is the boast of many establishments in Clevedon which makes it very appealing not least because it supports the local economy, benefits the environment and promotes a safer food chain.

Added to this is the whole idea that independent eating establishments operating outside of mainstream chains, are choosing to set up in our community, they shape our community, and deserve our support.

I would be proud to include any of the food establishments in Clevedon on my website so If you haven’t yet made contact with me but would like your business to be featured on here then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are doing any special evenings or celebrations, these could go on the  ‘What’s on?’ page which is a ‘go to’ page, keeping readers informed about everything related to Food, Art, Culture, Entertainment and Shopping in Clevedon. I won’t be able to keep this fresh without your support so please send me those details.