One of the reasons I created a ‘What’s on? page was because I often got to hear about events when the tickets were sold out or the event had been and gone. It would have been great to have a ‘go to place’ like my ‘What’s on?’ page to keep me informed. Part of my motivation for creating this particular page is that I’m determined that in my retirement I won’t miss out!

A great feature of entertainment in Clevedon is that it is often free or very low cost. Many of the music events in the local pubs are free as are some of the performances staged by The Theatre Shop. The North Somerset Samba Band, the Morris Men and some delightful buskers can regularly be seen on the sea front and if you’re lucky enough you might catch Hooper-Dooper our juggling, fire artists practising on the beach.  Tickets at the Curzon who have an impressive film programme as well as live comedy, music and performance throughout the year are all very reasonably priced and The Theatre Shop have put together a really exciting Autumn Winter programme. Twice a year we have performances from the very talented CLOC Juniors and Seniors and we have our very own Music Festival organised by Songs from the Shed!

Not many small town can boast such a wealth of entertainment!

I hope that the ‘What’s on? page will contribute to an increased awareness of what is on offer in everything related to Food, Art, Culture, Entertainment and Shopping in Clevedon and in some cases lead to an increased uptake of interest.If you have any dates that you would like included on this page then do get in touch. I won’t be able to keep this fresh without your support so please send me those details.