At the risk of repeating myself!

We have several fabulous Indian restaurants in Clevedon, and I could write sparkling reviews of all them, but the one we visit most is Moguls; opened in 2011 by the very experienced Head Chef Siraj and one of the original Indian restaurants in Clevedon.

562250_390083681053990_1107680787_nMoguls has a warm, relaxed atmosphere with a friendly team of staff who are very attentive and happy to give recommendations and descriptions of the dishes on the menu. Siraj is also happy to adapt a dish to your taste if you ask him.

The menu is extensive, and there is also a takeaway and free home delivery service if your order exceeds £15. There is also a very generous 20% discount on takeaway orders over £15 if you collect them.

Regardless of the size of our group, the day or the time, we have always found the food at Moguls to be fresh, fragrant and flavoursome.

We usually have beautiful, crispy poppadoms and a generous quantity of chutneys and pickles while we peruse the menu. We rarely have a dessert in any restaurant preferring a starter followed by a main course or just a main course. Moguls have a selection of classic Indian starters, and I can recommend their vegetable samosas and onion bhajis which are perfectly cooked little culinary delights.

For mains, I normally have chicken biryani which is a mouthwatering dish made with succulent morsels of chicken in deliciously spiced and fragrant rice and topped with caramelised onions. Or I may well decide to order a balti with naan and take a trip down memory lane to Birmingham, the original home of the balti which is where we discovered this beautiful dish in the late seventies early eighties. My other favourite is Murgi Makani a chicken dish cooked in almonds, butter and fresh cream.

My vegetarian husband loves Moguls because like other Clevedon restaurants they boast an excellent choice of vegetarian dishes. I don’t think he has a favourite; he loves them all! Very recently, he had the Shobji Paneer Bahar which consists of mixed vegetables and spinach, stir fried with a selction of spices and herbs, green chilli, garlic, fresh coriander and cheese served with mushroom rice and the time before that aloor dhom which is cooked in a traditional Bangladeshi village style and consists of very small potatoes, roasted with peas and chick peas with an authentic spicy sauce.


Moguls is a firm favourite amongst our family and friends and not for the first time on this website, I find myself repeating: ‘……..if you go there, you won’t be disappointed!’

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