Beautiful Midgley Green.

I first came across Midgley Green online and was instantly captivated  by their beautifully crafted, contemporary homeware products, so carefully curated. When I heard they were coming to Clevedon I knew that their shop would be something special and indeed it is!

The shop is located at 26 Alexandra Road and is owned by the very talented, creative husband and wife team, Katherine Midgley and Seamus Green, Fine Art graduates from Falmouth University in Cornwall.  By the time they moved to Bristol Katherine and Seamus had established a huge network of creative individuals and made the decision that the way forward for them was to promote the work of like minded artisans.

27332230_1915616085149872_8749961183798381401_nYou are always sure of a very warm welcome at the shop from Katherine and Seamus as well as their lovely cocker spaniel Bailey! The shop is a feast for the eyes with its beautiful Victorian Minton floor, its sustainably sourced European Ash walls and counter and the tables and shelves laden with the very best from British craft makers which they have personally sourced from around the UK. Both Kathereine and Seamus take immense pride in sharing the provenance of their beautiful homeware which is a delight to pass on if you are making a purchase for a friend or family member.

Katherine and Seamus have a great passion for the outdoors and all things natural which is where they take their inspiration from; they focus on traditionally crafted products in wood, wool, ceramics, metal and glass, all with a contemporary twist. They will often work with craft makers to design and develop unique and beautiful one off pieces.

I find myself attracted to Midgley Green because of the beauty of the merchandise, its simplicity, its inspiration from nature and Katherine and Seamus’ commitment to local craft makers.

Find out more about Midgley Green here:

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