Calling all locavores!

The Veg Box really answers the call for those people who for a variety of reasons see themselves as locavores, meaning that they will make an effort to eat food that is grown, raised or produced locally, normally within a hundred miles of their home. It may be related to environmental concerns, it may be about improving the health and wealth of local farmers and communities or it might simply be down to taste! Who can deny that fruit and vegetables  picked at their peak of ripeness often within twenty four hours of buying them look better and taste better?

The Veg Box opened its doors in December 2008 and has been supplying Clevedon with the most luscious looking, great tasting vegetables ever since. Shopping in there is a calm, relaxed experience because the owners don’t mind you mooching around and they are always happy to talk about where their produce comes from and how best to cook it.

The owners are well known for supplying very competitively priced fruit and veg boxes ranging in size and price. Their aim is to bring us ‘…………produce from field to table in the shortest possible time with the shortest possible journey.’ You can find the details on their website. I love their Facebook page because they keep it very much up to date with what’s just in. It was their Facebook advertising of Seville oranges at a very good price that prompted me to have a go at making marmalade for the very first time last year. 15895732_1189448934475654_637360914304201522_o

The Veg Box very kindly donated a month’s supply of £12 veg boxes to support Clevedon School’s Xenia Project which is a  student-led project to build a library from a shipping container for the school and local community. They also had a cake sale for Fibromalgia Action UK. They are not just great greengrocers but kind, generous people as well.

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