I love technology!

Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, on-line forums! I love it all! So, it might surprise you to know that Saker Stationery is my favourite shop in Clevedon! I could spend hours here and fully intend to now that I’m retired! It is an absolute cornucopia of delights! If you have never visited this shop then a treat awaits you but be warned, you need to leave yourself plenty of time because it’s not easy to get out!

Why do I love this shop so much? There are two main reasons one relates to my general sense of well-being and the other to my reputation for giving unusual, quirky cards and gifts!

In terms of my well-being, I find nothing more relaxing and cathartic than sitting down with a beautiful journal and a new pen and writing lists, making plans, setting goals or reflecting on life! Such activities are filled with optimism and hope. And then, there is the joy of making that connection with someone through sending or receiving a personal card or letter. The love and care represented by personal ‘snail mail’ is a real delight.

Now to my reputation! As a family we do have many friends and family living abroad and it works out too expensive to be sending gifts back and forth on special occasions which is why I put a lot of effort into sourcing unique cards or paper gifts which don’t weigh too much. Saker have provided me with a steady supply of both over the years. My favourite gifts have been the origami kits, the paper chess set, the ocean photicular book and the UPG Sonic Wallet which emitted meditative chanting sounds every time you opened it!

I will be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping at Saker because not only does it have the most impressive supply of journals, notebooks, notelets, ring binders, paper, pencil cases, pens, pencils basically everything related to writing and art, it also boasts a myriad of pictures, posters, maps, books and paper related games and gifts from around the world. It really is fabulous and I’ve honestly only referred to half of the beautiful items that they stock. Here’s a few nore to whet your appetite!

Find out more about the Saker Stationery here:

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