The Fallen Tree Micro Pub

Amongst so much to be proud of in Clevedon, we can now boast the very first micro-pub in North Somerset! The Fallen Tree micro-pub on Hill Road is owned and run by Twisted Oak Brewery, a microbrewery based in Wrington in North Somerset which recently scooped Gold and Silver Medals at the SIBA Southwest Beer Awards

Now wonderful as it sounds, a pint of ‘Flying Eddie’ or ‘Frogbit’ is not actually for me, but friends and family, some of whom describe themselves as ‘real ale men’ rave about it and describe it as real quality! My favourite tipples are cider and wine and they serve both! I quite like a cheeky gin and tonic now and again and they serve that too! So all is well!


What I love most about the Fallen Tree is the atmosphere – it’s small and it’s intimate and everyone is talking to each other. There are no distractions like juke boxes, music, TV which some of the time I like in a pub but not always! It’s a place where you can go and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and no-one thinks anything of it. It’s just a really chilled environment and I love it!



Find out more about the Fallen Tree Micro – Pub here:

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