Tudball – holding their own against the big boys!

In an age where independent opticians are under threat from big national chains, supermarkets and on-line stores, it says a lot that Tudball continue to flourish.  They offer high quality clinical eye care, cutting edge technology and a level of customer service that equates to a very high level of customer loyalty. Customer service is of paramount importance to them and perhaps this is their trump card? Who knows? Everyone’s experience is unique but everyone that we spoke to was very happy with the Tudball experience.

Your first encounter in Clevedon’s only independent optical practice will be with Josh or Jean at the reception. On Friday and Saturday mornings you may also be greeted by the very adorable Alfie!

There are three optometrists at Tudball, they are John, Kim and Trevor.

They offer:

Clinical eye health services including 3D Eye Scans

The standard test is £35  (NHS funded if eligible) They also offer an elite sight test  which includes and OCT scan and fundus photographs. An OCT uses light rather than soundwaves and produces 3D images of the layers of your retina which enables the optometrist to see very subtle changes that cannot be detected through a standard sight test. It allows treatment and monitoring of conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and the effects of diabetes from one appointment to the next.

A fundus camera is a specialised low power microscope with camera attached that allows us to view and photograph the interior surface of the eye, including the retina, retinal vasculature, optical disk, macula and posterior pole (fundus). This enables us to document the presence of disorders and monitor their changes over time.

The dispensing opticians at Tudball are Lucie who is also the owner and managing director and Mark who is the contact lens optician.

Contact lenses assessment and trial

Tudball offer a comprehensive service of advice, fitting and supply, carried out by fully qualified and experienced staff. New fits cost £60 and several appointments are needed and regular check- ups that are not covered by the NHS cost £40.

Designer frames and lenses

Tudball recommend Essilor as their first choice lens manufacturer. Leaders in the industry since 1959 they are the number one progressive lens brand worldwide. https://ecp.essilor.co.uk/ They will however source lenses from other manufacturers if there is a need. In terms of frames, they offer a wide range of brands and styles to suit all prescriptions, tastes and lifestyle.

Children’s eye care

Tudball offer examinations for children of all ages and a very professional fitting of suitable children’s frames; their inexpensive and fashionable frames include sun protection. They also dispense hospital prescriptions.


Free hearing health checks

Tudball offer the services of Andrew Bird Hearing who is also an independent practitioner. http://www.andrewbirdhearing.co.uk/  Their comprehensive hearing tests are completely free and performed by a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist. Being totally independent, they are able to advise on all makes and models of hearing aid. However, there is no obligation to buy.

Wax removal is also available.  Using the latest video otoscope, the audiologist inspects and captures an image of the ear canal in order to reveal the extent of the blockage.  A micro suction unit is used to gently remove any wax. Once removed the video otoscopy is repeated to show you a clear healthy canal. An initial inspection  costs £10. Clearing of one ear including inspection costs £40 and two ears £60.

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