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When I started this website, I had no intention of including services such as beauticians, barbers and hairdressers at this stage; they were to be Phase 2 of the Masterplan! But how I could not include 67 Barista Barber which is a vibrant social hub up in the heart of Hill Road?

Not only does 67 Barista Barber offer great haircuts but they know their beans, offering first class premium grade organic coffee, with Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance credentials! If you are not a coffee aficionado then they serve tea from the tea evangelists Teapigs who have equally impressive credentials. Delicious homemade cakes adorn the counter and the added bonus is that all this is available to take away! Happy days!

You would be right in thinking that combining a barbers with a coffee shop, in a town which is saturated with both might have difficulty getting off the ground, but not so! The owners Sue and Steve Cooper have created a unique space where the two operations co-exist happily in a really warm, friendly, laid-back atmosphere where you can meet friends, browse through the papers or just watch the world go by.

67 Barista Barber, like many Clevedon business,’ are keen to support local people and local initiatives. When they first opened Sue decorated the walls with her own original pieces that she had collected over the years. This was soon replaced by the works of Louis Gunstone, a young local artist, who came in for a trim but left with a venue to display his work to the local community; for the same reasons they allow local musicians to play gigs there.

67 Barista Barber are also one of four sponsors of the Songs From the Shed Clevedon Music Festival 2019 which takes place on Saturday 18th May and Sunday 19th May and who have Tom Robinson as the patron.


Steve and Sue Cooper are keen cyclists and caffeine being the recognised trade tool of the cyclist might explain why you will sometimes see a large number of bikes leaning against the shop front. Steve and Sue has organised a number of bike rides setting off from there.

39396450_2221755294761261_655326797218447360_n10960417_594309180705794_935363897173654045_oLast month, they led a ride in support of Bike 4 Cancer, a charity set up by a group of keen cyclists who had all lost a family member or close friend to cancer. As a specialist cancer respite charity with a sporting focus, they provide relief from the difficulties of living with cancer. They do this by providing respite days and short-breaks for British families affected by cancer – some of which are cycling related. They also make grants to UK based care institutions and support research into the positive effects of exercise (e.g. cycling) and how it can help both prevent cancer and assist in recovery post diagnosis.

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