Think like an Egyptologist!

Pupils at Tickenham Church of England Primary School have gone back in time to Ancient Egypt to learn all about the Egyptians.

Ali Ball, an infant and SEN teacher, who has been studying Egyptology since 1999, provided the pupils with the most fantastic Egyptology day! They were first encouraged to share the facts they already knew about ancient Egypt, and consider where these facts came from. Ali then showed pupils how to read Egyptian hieroglyphics, to create their own obelisk bookmarks with hieroglyphics to spell out their names, and learn how to decipher the Egyptian number system.

As if this wasn’t enough …… Ali also brought some real ancient Egyptian artefacts for the pupils to examine which helped them understand how the Egyptians would have lived.

Headteacher Tristan Merriam said: “The pupils loved going back in time and learned so much from this fun project on the Egyptians.”

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