Murder du Vin with Matilda du Vin and Poppy Prosecco!

Students at Clevedon School are working on their first murder mystery project at the school, in collaboration with Clevedon Inner Wheel Club.

Inner Wheel was founded in Manchester, England in 1924.

The objects of Inner Wheel are:

  • To promote true friendship
  • To encourage the ideals of personal service
  • To foster international understanding

If you’d like some more information about the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland then follow the link If you’d like to know more about the Clevedon Branch, then check out their FaceBook page

The Clevedon School students have written their own script and will be performing to a paying audience on Friday 7th June, with all proceeds going to the Brain Box charity.

The plot line of Murder Du Vin has been collaboratively written by students in Youth Theatre and teacher Victoria Wright. 

There will be canapés on arrival, followed by a delicious two-course meal served to the table. There will also be a full bar available. The murder mystery will unfold in between the courses.

Mysterious behaviour has been dominating the Mansion de Liege and the inhabitants are frightened. Chairman of the prestigious Barrel Association Arthur Merlot has an announcement to make during the Spring 1923 AGM. Meanwhile, the practical joke that the butler has planned takes a turn for the worst. The only clue is a bookmark!

Ms Matilda Du Vin, a witty and very talented author with a fondness for wine doesn’t know it yet but she is the only one who can stop the mysterious killer. Poppy Prosecco will support Matilda in her endeavours.

Director of Youth Theatre, Victoria Wright, says

“The students are extremely excited to be performing a murder mystery as it’s a style they are yet to perform. I’m so happy to be giving them this opportunity and to be working with the Clevedon branch of Inner Wheel. We can’t wait to help raise lots of money for Brain Box.”

Ann Fox, President of Clevedon Inner Wheel Club, said:

“I have chosen to support Brain Tumour Support through Brain Box at Southmead Hospital, in recognition of their wonderful treatment of my daughter when she underwent surgery there three years ago.

The pioneering support work which began with the origins of the charity in 2003 and continues to develop and expand every year, is thanks to the hard work of its team and the dedication of supporters, fundraisers and volunteers – the Brain Tumour Support family. Their values are the cornerstones of their vision, that no-one feels alone when facing the effects of a brain tumour diagnosis.

Their values are:

to be inclusive – this is the way they support people, as well as how they treat one another in the team and how they aim to work with integrity and in partnership with everyone that they meet along the way.

to be supportive – this is the heart of their work, to provide support and guidance along what can often be a difficult path. They feel passionate about the importance of being there for each other, and the value of the right information and tools to assist and help whenever it is needed.

to be compassionate – this is who they are as people and, as their vision and mission state, they are there for as long as they are needed, so no-one feels alone when facing the effects of a brain tumour diagnosis. Their hand will always be there to hold.

to be professional – this is how they aim to be at all times. The charity forms a network of expertise in support and they are committed to ensuring that their services are delivered by specialised, experienced, trained and skilled staff and volunteers.

If you’d like to know more about this wonderful organisation then follow the link

Ann added,

“The important work they do with brain tumour patients and their families is not funded in any way, so I’m hoping the Club will be able to raise a nice sum for them in my year.”

Dress for the evening will be 1920s or dinner jackets and posh frocks. The cost is £25 and for tickets please phone 01275 877730 01275873649 or 01275 870683

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