An international music extravaganza is taking place on September 18th at our lovely Bandstand. It must have been a difficult decision for organisers Maureen and Cinzia and I know they spent a long time thinking about it but I’m glad they’re going ahead and I like their reasoning.

North Somerset Samba with their dynamic Brazilian rhythms and infectious energy will set things moving at 1.00 p.m. as they process from Clevedon Pier to the Bandstand where they will continue their performance.

If you would like to join this fun-loving, eclectic group they meet on Tuesdays in Clevedon between 8.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. and are happy to welcome new players of any age and experience, no previous experience is necessary. They have members of all ages, currently ranging from their 20s into their 80s.

You will be invited to take part in a free no obligation trial session to see if it’s the thing for you. However, they do expect members to attend weekly sessions, rehearsals and performances when ready. Check out their website here:

Check them playing out here in Liverpool in 2018 as part of the city’s Brazilica Festival.

A performance from The Chandeliers, a Portishead-based 16-piece, sparkling a cappella group singing fantastic arrangements of a whole range of genres will commence at 2.15 p.m.

The Chandeliers are very excited to be performing at Sing Out’s Relight My Fire concert on Saturday 8th October. You can book tickets here:

This group are very well known locally and has raised considerable money for charity.

Here they are on Clevedon Pier having ben involved in a flash mob wedding proposal.

Senegalese musician Amadou Diagne’s set will start at 3.30 p.m. Amadou is descended from a Griot line of percussionists and singers. His talent as a percussionist led him to become a member of l’Orchestre National du Senegal, also performing with some of West Africa’s top artists including Youssou N’dour, Cesaria Evora and Jimmy Cliff.

Since moving to the UK Amadou has forged his own musical identity as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist drawing on the traditional music and rhythms of West Africa. He writes and performs in Wolof, French and English, and as a guitarist has developed a unique and intricate style which draws on his skills as a percussionist.

This song is in praise of the great Imam Dabakh Malik who was much loved by the people of Senegal for his message of respect, tolerance and humanity.

Amadou has a love of improvisation and an eclectic musical inspiration, delighting in the rhythmic possibilities within the melodies he composes. His music has attracted global airplay and he has recorded and released several albums of his music.

His first Album ‘Introducing Amadou Diagne’ came out in 2012 through World Music Network. Amadou’s second Album ‘Yakar’ was released by Waulk Records in 2014 and his most recent  ‘Ligeey’ came out in 2016 with Long tale Records.

This more recent Kora composition ‘The Journey’ was composed by Amadou and performed at the Bath Fringe Festival.

“Honey-smoked vocals …Plaintive, acoustic and brimming with an unhurried assurance.” Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine

“Diagne’s hushed, smoky voice and unhurried acoustic guitar is accompanied by striking string arrangements and elegant, sophisticated production.” (Songlines) ★★★★

If you’d like to know more about Amadou before the event, check him out here:

At 4.45 p.m. French Iranian singer-songwriter Anita Farmine who has a voice that resounds like a cry from the east will take the stage.

Anita has a hugely interesting background. It is in Iran in full political upheaval and just at the dawn of the Islamic revolution that she sings her first note in 1978.

Her parents, a  French mother and an Iranian father, both politically active teachers change her surname to Farmine F.A.R.M.I.N. the initials of Fight Against Racism Monarchy Imperialism and Nazism

Anita attended an American school from an early age. Of her childhood in the heart of this chaotic Iran, she has few memories, apart from bomb threats. When Anita is five years old, unable to continue living in a system they do not approve of, her parents decide to emigrate to Algeria. 

A new start for Anita, this time in a French school, surrounded by children of like-minded teachers from all over the world, from Poles to Peruvians, transient children from Black Africa, in a multicultural, multi-faith environment which most certainly influenced her music.

It was during these two years in Algeria, among these people from all over the world, that she discovered the possibilities of music and the universal language of emotion.

And finally, at the age of 7, she discovers her mother’s homeland. Dunkirk welcomes her; her teacher leads the music lessons with his guitar and each time Anita is overwhelmed with emotion. The influence of La Callas inspires her to enrol in a music school where she began opera singing and classical piano at the age of nine. Following a move to Orleans three years later, she continues to learn the piano and retains this irrepressible desire to sing. While listening to the Doors, Pink Floyd and Bob Marley, Anita studied English at university. At 24, she is seriously committed to singing. She integrates several music groups, of different styles and gives singing lessons.

Iranian, Algerian, and Anglo-Saxon cultures, Anita has learned a lot and has built her identity, but she feels her true place is in France. I’m very excited about hearing Anita live – No No No whch is recorded live is one of my favourites.

If you’d like to know more about Anita before the event, check her out here:

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The Clevedon Community Bandstand Project was devised by two friends Maureen Ni Fiann and Cinzia Apreda who secured Arts Council Funding to bring vibrant multicultural music to this iconic Victorian landmark.

Maureen and Cinzia launched their project during the Clevedon Literary Festival in 2021 with a day of brilliant music, the highlight being Bristol-based Senegalese singer Batch Gueye.  Everything they they have done since then has been of great quality and I do hope they know how appreciative we are of what they have achieved. I’m sure their event on the 18th will be a resounding success. Thank you.

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