As the days grow shorter and the nights become colder, the Theatre Shop invites us to a diverse range of shows that will transport us to different worlds, evoke a myriad of emotions, and leave us with memories that will last a lifetime.

The autumn season has something for everyone, from enchanting children’s theatre to thought-provoking dramas. There are even confessions from a former Tellytubby… all will be revealed!

As the season starts, prepare to be spellbound by the magic of live theatre. Immerse yourself in stories that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on the human experience.

It’s a great programme bringing you the best of professional touring theatre to Clevedon. Read on for synopses, trailers and reviews.


The Geneva Convention of Human F**ks takes us on an unforgettable journey with three men embarking on their latest adventure across Europe.

Presented exclusively by a talented ensemble of women performers, this thought-provoking production alternates between humour and discomfort, delving deep into the realms of toxic masculinity, sex tourism, and the enduring bond of friendship among these three individuals.

Written and directed by Charlie Whitworth, co-founder of Yet To Be, this ground-breaking show marks the debut of Yet To Be, a visionary initiative dedicated to crafting original, impactful, and engaging theatrical experiences for its audiences.

Check it out here:

“A hysterical take on toxic masculinity that will make you think as much as it makes you laugh” Alex Jackson, Director, Exeter Fringe Festival

Click here for an interview with writer and director Charlie Whitworth.

DATE: 14th OCTOBER. TIME: 7.30 p.m. AGE: 18+ £15  BOOK HERE.


David Mynne (Dracula, Odyssey, A Christmas Carol) returns to the Theatre Shop with his one-man  ‘Canterbury Tales’. All of life is here in these few bawdy, funny and sometimes shocking short stories. Experience a journey down the foul and fetid footpaths of fourteenth-century England, told with the usual irreverence, wit and silliness! Expect naughty goings-on, medieval swearing and a bit of flatulence!

It’s rude! It’s ribald! It’s ridiculous! Let’s party like it’s 1387!

“Mynne’s performance definitely does have its silly moments, and his facial expressions and sound effects add to the hilarity all the more, combining slapstick comedy in the vein of Laurel and Hardy with physical comedy reminiscent of performers such as Harry Hill.”  Ryan Morwood The Falmouth Packet

“There is no doubt that Dave’s typical dramatic performance with minimal props provides a superb evening of entertainment and many members of the audience were left trying to imagine which classic he will conquer next” Paul Birkett: Coddington Village Hall.

DATE: 16th OCTOBER TIME: 7.30 p.m. AGE: ADULTS & 12+ £15  BOOK HERE.


Fairy tales from across the land live in fear. Fear for their lives, fear for their freedom and, most importantly, fear for their turnips. Why, you ask? Because Little Red Riding Hood has taken control. The once sweet and innocent girl now rules The Fairytale Woods with an iron fist and a mob of incompetent wolves.

All this changes when Susan, a kind, if rather uninspiring, book editor, finds herself magically transported into this world of wonder and fantasy. Faced with tax-collecting big bad wolves, talking pigs intent on rebellion and smorgasbords of poisoned fruits, Susan must try desperately to find a way home. If she starts a revolution along the way, that can’t hurt anyone, right?

Featuring all your old favourites Assembleth Theatre’s brand-new fantastical comedy Fairytales, Fables & Other Assorted Nonsense takes you on a rebellious fairytale journey you’ll never forget.

Check it out here:

“Callum Moffat and Plum Grosvenor-Stevenson are a clever and quirky writing force.” – British Theatre Guide.

“This is a very funny and fast-paced show.  It’s cleverly written, but also very, very, very silly.” Fringe Review [The Shodyssey]

DATE: 26th OCTOBER. TIME: 2.30 p.m. AGE 8+ COST £8  BOOK HERE


Discover fairytales like you’ve never seen them before! In this workshop, designed alongside Assembleth Theatre’s fantastical show Fairytales, Fables & Other Assorted Nonsense, you will be taken on a magical journey through fairytales as you create your very own stories with all your favourite fairytale characters at the centre. Assembleth Theatre’s experienced facilitators will guide you through the process using drama games and short scripts. This workshop helps participants build confidence and acting skills and, most importantly, is lots of fun!

DATE : 26th OCTOBER. TIME: 11.00 a.m. TO 12.00 p.m. AGE 8 TO 14 – SUITABLE FOR ALL EXPERIENCES. £5  BOOK HERE.


Arguments and poo! Sex and swearing! Blood, sweat, tears and giant rabbits! Life on the set of Teletubbies might not have been quite as you imagined…

Nikky Smedley played LaaLaa (the yellow one) in the original series of Teletubbies for six years – that’s a lot of custard for a grown woman to get excited about. Come and hear how she got the job by dressing as a bistro table; what it was like inside one of those (surprisingly large) Tubby suits; how the NooNoo worked and why children loved the show so much.

Check it out:

“’Confessions of a Teletubby’ is definitely worth an Eh-Oh!” The Quintessential Review 

“Smedley keeps the structure simple, chaptering her show into individual confessions, from the miracle of her being chosen in the first place to the reality of life inside a giant yellow-padded mobile prison. Though she leaves some space for ad-libs, the show is well scripted and well rehearsed. This is no off-the-cuff cash-in on a monetisable experience.” The QR



Something brand new for kids and families from Kid Carpet (Noisy Holiday, Noisy Nativity, Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show)

Kid Carpet really wants to win the Royal Fancy Garden Contest. The Noisy Animals really want to run a garden centre. It’s a perfect match! Nothing could possibly go wrong. Surely first prize is in the bag?

A brand new Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals show for family audiences, featuring their signature relaxed performance style of catchy songs, lofi puppetry and video magic, audience participation and games!

I couldn’t get a clip of Kid Carpet and the Noisy Garden Centre but here’s Kid Carpet and the Noisy Neighbours, just to give you an idea of the genre. Check it out:

“Anarchy, irreverence and belly laughs for adults and children alike.” Theatre Bristol

“Anarchy, irreverence and belly laughs for adults and children alike.” Theatre Bristol

DATE: 12TH NOVEMBER. TIME: 2.30 p.m. AGE 3-8 £15  BOOK HERE..


Neil Gore, presents a one-person version of the classic novel by Robert Tressell featuring projection, political conjuring tricks, live music and song. Meet the famous characters and enjoy the scenes, speeches and songs featuring the Great Money Trick as its centrepiece.

Neil Gore brings this enduring and absorbing classic story of a year in the life of a group of Edwardian painters and decorators. He uses his extensive knowledge of the book and the play, having performed it in many versions over forty years.

Check it out:

Tremendous” The Times ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“A one-person Tour-De-Force” Clare Brennan (The Observer)

“There’s a significantly more positive feel to this play with songs than there is to the novel, which keeps things engaging and enjoyable. Some actor-musicianship, coupled with frequent direct addresses to the audience, make for a more than sufficiently varied performance. A confident production, it knows what it wants to be: a tale of the struggle of the working man. It tells this story in an entertaining manner, and whatever yo ur political worldview, this is a delightful and surprisingly hopeful production” London Theatre 1

DATE: 13TH NOVEMBER. TIME: 7.30 p.m. AGE: 11+ £15  BOOK  HERE.


Discover why you can’t trust your eyes… and you may well not believe your mind, with Peter Clifford’s latest, mind-melting magic show.

In the intimate and exciting space of the Clevedon Theatre Shop, he will weave his magic around stories of life, conjuring and the wonders of the world.

Join him as he plays with puzzles of perception and prestidigitates for you pleasure. Let your grip on reality slip for a moment and be transported into something far more fantastical and exciting. You really have to see it to not believe it.

“Peter Clifford is one of my favourite magicians and one of the loveliest people I know… …do everything you can to get tickets!” – Derren Brown.

“Peter Clifford’s love of the art resonates throughout the field of magic brining life and hope to us all” – David Blaine

“Peter Clifford is a constant delight.” – Time Out, London.

DATE: 18TH NOVEMBER. TIME: 7.30 p.m. AGE: 10+ £15  BOOK HERE.


t’s the year 2223, and the human settlement on Mars has finally declared its independence from Earth. You have been chosen to lead the people of Mars into a new and brighter future. The decisions you make now will shape your planet’s history for generations to come. No pressure…

Red Planet: Revolution is an award-nominated game-theatre show from critically acclaimed innovators Upstart Theatre. Fun and thought-provoking, this interactive experience gives you the chance to build your very own future society. You’ll face down political opponents and deal with interplanetary threats as you lead the people of Mars into a better tomorrow.

Nominated for an Innovation Award, VAULT Festival 2020

“A unique and exciting experience” The Spy in the Stalls

“A perfect example of exciting, divisive theatre today” London Theatre Reviews


Sally’s approaching a certain age. No need for numbers – but getting sweaty at night no longer involves someone else having to be there.

So is she worried about being ‘Over the Hill’? Well, not enough to stop her rolling playfully down the other side. Join her for hilarious tales of dating apps, fragile neighbours, and trying to hold in farts on a yoga retreat.

 “Sally-Anne Hayward has figured out her niche is filling that accessible naughty but niceness of early Sarah Millican… whatever she’s selling, we’re buying: the pitch is so practised, so elegant, so unobtrusive you’ll struggle not to laugh” British Comedy Guide

DATE: 24th  NOVEMBER. TIME: 7.30 p.m. AGE 16+ £15  BOOK HERE.


Hard hearted Ebenezer Scrooge hates the season of goodwill. Until a visit from three spirits one Christmas Eve makes him rethink his… blah blah blah.

We all know the story. We’ve all seen the film(s). But who’s the best Scrooge of all time? Albert Finney? Alistair Sim? Patrick Stewart? Well, just hold your horses there! Because you’ve yet to witness Bristol actor Craig Edwards’ take on Dickens’ mean miserabilist.

He waits, like a coiled spring, ready to bring his unique brand of Midlands malcontentment to the role. And he’s brought Clevedon’s finest, Stu Mcloughlin, along for the ride to play (almost literally) all the other parts!

Hilarious, tender, idiotic and musically virtuosic by turns, Living Spit’s two-man adaptation of A Christmas Carol promises a feast of festive foolery that’ll have you splitting your sprouts with laughter, or your money back!*

*only joking about the “money back” bit

Check it out:

“Christmas tradition laced with really, really good comedy.” Bristol Post

“The jokes are brilliantly bad, the songs are wonderful and all in all the whole performance is hilarious. Its proper fun for all the family, which is exactly what you want at Christmas.“ Bristol 24/7

Be sure not to miss out, it is the ideal way to get into the holiday mood!“ Bournemouth Echo

DATE: 8th TO 30th DECEMBER. TIME: 7.30 p.m. AGE: 10+ £15  BOOK HERE.


The snow is falling and the solstice is approaching. Ratty is getting ready. She wants everything to be really rat-tastic! But will her friends make it through the snow to the winter woodland revels? Can you help them on their journey? There’ll be excitement, adventure, games, music, silliness and lots of snow!

A Winter’s Tail is a fun, relaxed play-along theatre adventure. Expect to play, move, watch and laugh. The show lasts 1 hour and is for ages 2-7 and their grown-ups. Younger and older siblings welcome!


Huge thanks to the Theatre Shop for such a wonderful programme.

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