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It’s been such a pleasure getting out and about and talking to local people about their businesses. One of my most interesting meetings was with Pauline Cox co-owner of Sow and Arrow, a new restaurant and take away service on Old Street.

Pauline and her business partner Gary Lewis are promoting healthy, conscious eating based on foods eaten by our hunter-gatherer ancestors from the Palaeolithic age, notably fish, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. As such, this lovely restaurant is brimming over with the most tempting, tantalising, gluten-free, low carbohydrate, high protein, fresh foods.

Mission statement

I’m sure you’ll agree they look delicious and they certainly taste delicious. Added to which the service is excellent and the staff are always very friendly and attentive. The menu changes daily which must be hard work but great from the customer’s point of view.

Pauline and Gary are also planning to make online videos offering advice about healthy living and eating. They are also very happy for people to call in and talk to them and given that they are such warm, friendly people I am sure lots of customers will be keen to do so.

In addition to the fresh daily menu, they also sell take away food such as salad, sandwichs and cookies. If you don’t feel like cooking in the evening then you could buy one of their lovely prepared meals such as organic, grass-fed beef lasagne with housemade, grain free, gluten-free pasta sheets. (They also do a dairy free version) Or how about a  grass fed cottage pie, with a sweet potato mash and local cheddar? Delicious!

I wasn’t at all surprised to hear Pauline expressing concern about Sow and Arrow’s carbon foot print.  They only use biodegradable materials, they are committed to using locally sourced produce and have used a number of local business’ to set up.

Sow and Arrow offers an abundance of nutrie-dense food that as well as being good for us, looks amazing and tastes wonderful. It is a creative, innovative enteprise which is a great addition to the other fabulous cafes and restaurants in Clevedon.

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