I smashed up my first ever present from Souk and flew to Edinburgh!

Established in 2001, Souk is a little treasure trove in the heart of Clevedon where you can always be assured of a very warm welcome; a welcome that makes the shopping experience relaxing and pleasurable.

The owners of Souk pride themselves on offering quality products that are exclusive and affordable. They also offer a free gift wrapping service which is always an added bonus. It would be an impossible task to list all of the beautiful gifts that are attractively displayed throughout the shop but I have been the happy recipient of many over the years.

My first terramundi money pot came from Souk. These pots have been traditionally used in Italy for over 2000 years and their hand thrown design have remained unchanged. They are shipped in their original, undecorated state around the world and then painted and varnished in the beautiful designs that you see in Souk. Each one has a fortune coin, and a desire card that you date and note down what you are saving for. You then post it in the pot and start saving; the only way to get the money is to smash the pot!


I’ve also had some beautifully scented candles, a fabulous bag and some stunning Lolita glasses.

Like other shop owners in Clevedon Souk are always keen to support independent craftspeople.

Find out more about Souk here:



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